At Quest Haven Lodge all hunters have a 1 on 1 guide who is highly experienced and very knowledgeable. All guides are very apt at finding and scoring mature Whitetail Bucks. By knowing their habitat, scouting, and being very aggressive, their goal is to assist the hunter in helping to find the buck of a lifetime!


If you are looking for knowledgeable and experienced, world-class guides …      come to Quest Haven.

Our guides are the backbone of our business and without them Quest Haven would not be able to provide the quality hunting experience that it does. They truly do know how to provide a great Whitetail hunting adventure that is unsurpassed. With over 90% rebooking the past several seasons and consistent requests by hunters to keep their same personal guide these guys are doing something right.

Russ Walk SR




Russ Walk Jr


As the oldest of Russ & Lori's children, Russie is the perfect role model for the other brothers as he's a man of integrity... he's wise, confident, authentic, open minded, honest and is extremely good at scoring bucks. There won't be a dull moment in the stand with Russie as your guide as he's the story teller of the family. He's always building the other guides and promoting a fun,productive atmosphere.

Ryan Walk


Ryan works extremely hard for his clients and has the ability to look at his clients as if they were himself. He's very quick to observe and adapt to any situation and is arguably the best out of the guides at scoring bucks on the hoof. He's a man of integrity, very unselfish, loyal, and deeply cares about his family. He's extremely smart so DO NOT challenge him to a chess game!

Heath Walk


Heath's hunters always have a great time and he creates lifelong memories for his clients year after year. He puts others ahead of himself to create an awesome experience. Also, a very established woodsman who has a lot of beautiful trophies like the one in the picture. When he's not working his tail off, Heath is a family man and is usually doing something really fun with his wife & kids.

Isaac Walk


Isaac is arguably the best hunter in the family as he eats, sleeps, breaths hunting. As a guide he is very skilled and is technically a whitetail "blood hound" on the loose! He's a lot of fun to be around and his hunters grow to love him. He's always working behind the scenes when nobody is there to notice his efforts and is extremely loyal. He may be the youngest but is a role model for everyone around the lodge.

Torey Glenny


Torey is known to be the idea guy who is resourceful enough to figure out just about anything. He's a genuine character who goes above and beyond to show his hunters the time of their life. He's always a joyful and in a good mood and like to encourage everyone around him. He's always observing and seeking to improve Quest Haven. A man o integrity who is willing to step in with no gain or benefit for himself. He also films for GWG TV.

Joe Rose


Joe has been a guide with us for 8 years and is a great asset to the QH family. When he's not guiding, he's the pastor of Nittany Bible Church in State College. It's no mystery why Joe's such a hard worker as he used to play football for Penn State and he's also the founder of Play By Faith ministry & A Higher Pursuit, which is a hunting YouTube channel. Hunting with Joe usually turns into a lifelong friendship.

Mike Whitby


This is Mike's third year guiding with us as he was formally a Navy Seal, seriously though. Now he spends his time working on a firearms company he created called Anura Arms and guiding for QH. He's a great contribution to the Quest Haven Family

Doug Glenny


Doug has a deep love for the outdoors and as the property manager, he spends his days helping Russ make Quest Haven a beautiful whitetail paradise. Along with being the property manager, Doug also guides for Quest Haven & spends his time away from QH coaching high school football and being with his family. Also a very talented story teller and should probably write a book about his experiences. He's also Torey's dad!

Jack Morrissey


Jack has been with Quest Haven for 5 years and as Russ's hunting partner since high school, he's one of the most knowledgeable guides and experienced hunters on the team. When he's not hunting the allusive whitetail, he's chasing turkeys around the eastern hardwoods.

Buddy Walk


Buddy is our in-house taxidermist and also guides for us. He's been guiding for a long time and is very knowledgeable about whitetails. He's extremely talented as some of the most prestiges hunters across the globe choose him to mount their wild game.

Heather Glenny


Heather is the daughter to Russ & Lori Walk & Torey Glenny's wife. She guides the woman that hunt at Quest Haven and is an accomplished huntress herself. She's one of the host to Girls with Guns TV where she travels the planet hunting with her husband, who films for the show. As a mother to three beautiful kids, Heather loves teaching her kids about the outdoors and their creator.


We feel confident to say there are no other guides in the industry that are any better. They are Christian men of integrity who have been hunting all their life. They have hunted various places throughout the country and are avid hunters themselves since childhood. Being seasoned hunters enables them to know first hand what a great hunting experience really is all about. There is never any pressure from the guides for hunters to shoot, the hunt is the hunter’s hunt and the guide is there to assist in choosing the best hunt locations because of extensive preseason scouting and to assist in aging and scoring the bucks for quality management. If a mistake is made on scoring the burden is on Quest Haven not the hunter, meaning the hunter has security to know there will not be an upcharge if he harvests a bigger buck than he agreed to and if the buck is smaller he pays the lower price. In addition, no buck, no bill, the hunt is on Quest Haven. Retrieval of hunter’s buck, field dressing and caping are also a part of the services guides provide.

In addition to being experienced hunters many of our guides are also a part of our family, so they not only have a vested interest and pride in our family owned and operated business, but they have grown up around Whitetail deer all their life meaning they know the mannerisms, patterns and what to expect and look for when it comes to the species. All of these men are proficient at scoring and can assist hunters on judging a Whitetail Buck’s score and age on the hoof.


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